Gerlai Laboratory 

The Lab

The Gerlai lab is comprised of Dr. Gerlai, multiple graduate students and an extremely dedicated (and large) team of undergraduate students!

Our space includes a 4 room lab allotted for sample preparations, behavioral coding, student space, and IHC/HPLC room.
Our fish facility has a 1350 sq ft footprint outfitted with 5 fully independent behavioral suites, and is the largest single PI zebrafish facility in Canada with 17 standalone Aquaneering racks and 1 Techniplast quarantine rack with a combined housing capacity of over 40,000 fish.

We use the zebrafish as a model to investigate behavioural and biological mechanisms of learning and memory, effects of alcohol, mechanisms of social behaviour, and fear and anxiety. We use a variety of behavioural tests, some of which we develop in house, as well as pharmacological, neuroscience and genetic techniques in our work.