Principal Investigator 

Robert T Gerlai, PhD, FRSC

John Carlin Roder Distinguished Professor in Behavioral Neuroscience

Robert Gerlai completed his Ph.D. with the highest distinction at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1987. He has held numerous academic positions in Europe and North America (Eötvös Lóránd University of Budapest, Mount Sinai Hospital Research Institute of Toronto, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, and University of Hawaii Honolulu). 

He has held leadership positions in the US biotechnology and biopharmaceutical research industry working as a senior research scientist and Vice President (Genentech Inc, CA, Eli Lilly & Co., IN, Saegis Pharm, CA) before joining the University of Toronto Mississauga in 2004 to establish his lab where he is currently the John Carlin Roder Distinguished Professor in Behavioral Neuroscience, as well as a Full Professor in Cell and Systems Biology at the UofT St. George campus.

Robert has published over 300 peer-reviewed papers with an h-index of 75.

Office: CCT4004

Office phone: 905-569-4255

Office Hours: Zoom link via course link in Quercus